Landscape Equipment Repairs in Thornbury Twp PA



We Supply The Best Quality MulchEnsure your beds remain well mulched with the finest mulch available. We will deliver the mulch you need in a day or less. Our staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to providing you with the best service.



See Our Selection of Equipment – We supply the best Turf Equipment for your Home Projects. We stock all equipment to help you spread Topsoil, Mixed Soils, Mushroom Soil and Screened Fill.



Maintenance Repair – Whatever your repair needs are Burke Lawn Equipment can deliver. We carry all the major brand parts for your equipment. We offer quick expert repair services.



Snow Eqiupment – Whatever your Snow equipment needs are Burke Lawn Equipment can deliver. We carry a full line of the most popular Snow Removal Equipment available.

Landscape Equipment Repairs in Thornbury Twp PA

Landscaping tools are offered in Thornbury Twp PA from a wide variety of Quality Makers such as STIHL, WESTERN, RedMax, Echo & Ferris. Rental of landscape tools can cut and trim your project time needed. Professional knowledge of mowers, gas-powered lawn cutters are just part of the service you will receive at Burke Landscape Supply. This knowledge is delivered in Thornbury Twp PA via online or calling the shop.

Another tip for you about your Equipment that is not used very often. If not properly stored it will suffer the worst damage because the sensitive components will spend a lot of time soaking in the fuel. You will eventually have problems that will cost you money  in Thornbury Twp PA. DON’T try to clean spark plugs, any loose particles left over from cleaning could ruin your engine. Spark plugs are cheap compared to engines DO: Check the oil on a regular basis – at least daily Check the cooling system – remove debris from the air intake screen and engine shroud Clean out grass buildup under the deck Keep blades balanced and sharp Check the safety switches-fix ‘em don’t disconnect ‘em on your equipment  in Thornbury Twp PA.

Check the brake and wheel drive adjustments regularly  in Thornbury Twp PA also Check the air pressure in your tires often-this is the leading cause of an uneven cut Check and clean the air filter often especially in the spring and the fall when the weather dries out and mowing stirs up more sand. Grease often if not daily – You’ll wear out parts more often if you don’t. Inspect belts and chains on a regular basis-keep spares on the truck Check spark plugs and fuel filters, replace as necessary, they’re cheap compared with repair.

Whether you’re a landscaping contractor, lawn maintenance company, using landscaping specialty tools like industrial blowers & fans, hand tools, etc look to Burke Landscape Supply to find quality replacement parts for all major manufacturers. When you chose Burke you get instant access to the best products from eXmark, Ferris, Echo, RedMax and Stihl for your Lawn and Landscaping tool parts needs.

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We have knowledge of getting projects completed right. We offer rental of a vast selection of power equipment to complete outdoor projects. We provide Repair Service on most power equipment. We carry commercial mower parts and accessories including replacement blades, filters, spindles, pulleys, tires, and much more.

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