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Small Tools Repair Conshohocken PA 19428 IN GENERAL when you Buy the best quality you can afford There’s an old Italian saying: “Good things cost less than poor things” Maintaining your tools properly will ensure them for long life. Brightly colored handles make it easier to find if you lay them down in the grass or shrubbery in Conshohocken PA 19428. Visit Burke Supply for your SPRAY TANK – hand pump or back pack refills and replacement parts such as nozzles, hoses & handles. We supply “original manufacturer” parts not generic parts. Plastic or stainless steel are better, plain steel will corrode quickly ALWAYS read the manufacturers instructions Clean the equipment by spraying with a hose-but only after the mower cools – otherwise the cold water could crack the engine block, etc also ALWAYS disconnect the spark plug when working on any mower.

DO NOT use alcohol / ethanol enriched gas in your equipment especially the 2-cycle equipment.

Small Tools Repair Conshohocken PA 19428 Alcohol is not compatible with some of the components of the fuel system like o-rings and other rubber-like and plastic-like components. Over time, these components soften and shrink. This will cost more to repair because a total tear-down will be required to complete an overhaul to replace o-rings and internal parts. Maintenance repair in Conshohocken PA can be handled by Burke Landscape Supply.

In addition to maintenance and repair Burke Landscape Supply can make delivery of the highest quality mulch to Conshohocken PA and the surrounding areas including West Conshohocken PA, Swarthmore, Berwyn 19132, Haverford PA, Drexel Hill and Chester County. Burke Supply handles residential & commercial needs with Deliver of quality material like Bark Mulch, Black Mulch and Rubber Mulch.

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We carry commercial mower parts and accessories including replacement blades, filters, spindles, pulleys, tires, and much more. We have the genuine parts and repair help you need to get your lawn and garden equipment running like new again! The staff at Burke’s will give you instant access to the best price on parts to maintain & maintenance your landscape equipment from eXmark, Ferris, Echo, RedMax and Stihl. Call our Shop Today to get the answers you need quickly.

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We offer selection of power equipment to complete outdoor projects. We provide Repair Service on most power equipment. We carry commercial mower parts and accessories including replacement blades, filters, spindles, pulleys, tires, and much more to keep your equipment running like new. We carry genuine parts to ensure your repair is done right and done well! Call Today with your questions or get a quote on your next load of Mulch, Soil or Stone.

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